A love often forgotten

because humans just want someone who want them back
love is not just that relationship kind of what comes to your mind
it is your life summed up in little things.

it is your family,it is the places you have been to,it is the times that took your breath away, it is the memories you have made, it is the smiles you have shared and the tears you have shed, it is the people you spent your life with and most importantly it is about cherishing, celebrating and enriching yourself
it is about surviving and creating a life!!


My shining star

when my life was full of scars,
you came in like a shining star
and you helped me in a way
that suddenly one day
I realized life was prettier though
you always cheer me up
and make me feel like I just won a cup
you always make me smile
not considering the thousand miles
thank you for being there
without you, I would be where
i stopped surviving
but just when
my life was full of scars
you came in like a shining star!

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