Art and Technology: Ek mulaqat aisi bhi

 This is an article based on a discussion at a university.

the discussion was on the topic “comparison and contradiction of art and technology”


Two childhood friends with very different interests who have now grown up to be an artist and the other an engineer. A meet after a long time follows:


Hussain: You were right my friend. I was born to be an Artist. As life goes on, it is only art that helps me in moving along with it.

Henry: Yes Hussain I knew you were an Artist at heart from the time when you gave innovative designs to the simple buildings I used to create from my blocks.

Hussain: You too could be a well-known Artist like me but your interest in technology took you to the other way around to be an Engineer.

Henry: Don’t you think it is technology that helped me in enhancing my art? Without technology, I would still be there building merely with those blocks or cards. I was good with the stepping stones but never with designing. Had there not been those designing softwares like CAD , it would never been possible for me to be such a good Architectural Engineer. Technology holds the major credibility in my success.

Hussain: i do not agree with you as I think art should hold the major importance because had it not been your art of imagining or creating structures, no software would be of any help.

Henry: I agree. But art alone would not be enough. It is the support of technology that made it easier.

Hussain: Acha ji!!? So are you trying to say that technology enhances art?

Henry: Yes. It exactly does! And in my opinion, it also helps in sustaining art. Why not consider your own example! When you were just a begginer you first started with selling them online. Right? So, technology helped you by making people aware about your art.

Hussain: So you are trying to explain to me that art and technology go hand-in-hand… Right? Toh phir aap humare apne taj mahal ko hi dekh lijye. ‘Kala ka ek badiya sa namuna’But even with such great technology we are not able to recreate it.

Henry: You might be aware about the damage to Taj Mahal by the acid rains. Right? And technology is helping in protecting Taj Mahal from that damage. So technology helps in sustaining art.

Hussain: Of course it does. But it will never be able to replace art. Mera man na yeh hi ke technology khud ek kalak haii. Dekh lo- technology is basically the art of applying your scientific knowledge for practical purposes and art enables them in creating new things and those things turn out to be a part of technology.

Henry: You finally convinced me with your art of expressing yourself!