Down the memory lane

Good morning
School calling
Assembly lines
All those smiles
Prayer chimes
And those times
Back to class
I wish alas!
Recess bell
Now all is well!😃
Study again
Wish for some rain
Have a look
Exchange a book
All the pranks
And the ranks
Games proxy…
Now the world seems filled with glory
Oh the school socks
And the tick tock on the clocks
Tution time
The great daily regime
Time to go
Time to leave
Maybe it’s just a dream
I may come again tomorrow
And live like all those years
With my friends and happy cheers
No! The fairytale ends here
But it will all remain always dear


The confronting and comforting ghost!

You know that ghost? That most dangerous one?

Yes,yes! You surely do. It keeps haunting me, it keeps haunting you. It keeps haunting all of us. It keeps following us. The one that is within each one of us. But we’ve all got a different way to deal with it. Some of us let it rule over us and keep crying about it. Some of us try to ignore it.

But beware!!

The ghost can’t bear ignorance. Just when you are trying to let go of it, there it is standing tall, covering all over you, laughing and yelling. “Remember me? I was there when you were happy, I was there when you were sad, I was there when you cried till death and was there when you laughed aloud. I gave you the happiest days of your life and I was the one who made it with you through those depressing times. I was with you everyday. May it be work or play. I am the one within you, i can help you survive and i can make you restless. It all depends on how you take me. And I’m none other than your “MEMORY!”

Yes, memories are those ghosts that keep haunting us. But we can befriend them. They are a part of your life and life is meant to go on. So it is better if we let life walk along understanding the language of the world and remembering the good times and learning from the bad ones.

Learn to deal with it or the ghost may eat you up!