The flashback of goodbyes

I always wonder how it is so easy for people to leave.
It is simple for them! They are done and so they leave
But what they don’t realise is what it takes for somebody to let them go
One of the worst things you can ever do to someone is awakening hopes in people’s heart without the intention of fulfilling it.
Leaving might sound easy for the one who is to go but the one who is left suffers.
They do never realise how the other person begged for them to stay, how they tried to hold on even when letting go would cause lesser pain, how they tried till the last bit, how they managed to accept that their dear ones have left and that things are never gonna be same again.
Yes it is true that people play a certain role in your story and everyone is not meant to stay but the biggest coward is the one who promises to stay with the evil thought of fleeing away. When you lead people to expect from you, make sure you are there to live up to that
You can never know how you can affect the other. They might never be able to trust someone else again, they might cry themselves to sleep, they may spend their days absent mindedly, they might recall and associate you with every possible thing, they will still want to think of you. And you might not even know but awaken the deepest fears or live deep imprints on people’s lives
Next time, before giving your word,don’t forget to assure yourself.