Amidst the complex chaos

If we could only not hide but say,
There would be a perfect match of what you want and what they give.
Not leave but stay,
Goodbyes wouldn’t be so hard.
Not only laugh but cry,
People would feel it’s okay to express themselves.
Not react but respond,
There would be lesser chaos
Not judge but understand,
There would be less people dying of depression and anxiety.
Not hear but listen,
There would be lesser broken relationships.
Not lie but trust
Happiness would prevail
The world would be a better, happier place with all the simple acts of kindness
No matter how dark a night is, the sun will always rise next morning. It is only hope that keeps us all going.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work towards steps to fulfill those hopes
All it takes is the simplification of ways by which we lead our lives


7 thoughts on “Amidst the complex chaos

  1. PALAK,
    Your effort is laudable.Packed with emotions. Keep reading with a vengeance. Expect to hear of beeline for your books in future. God bless.

    with regards,


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