The night of my dreams

The world has so much glory,
But only when it is free from all the agony.
I want a silent night where I’d go on a stroll and observe the beautiful place,
Where hatred and competition doesn’t leave a trace.
When the moon lights up the empty roads, trees provide rest and shelter to the lonely goats.
Where the baby sleeps calmly in the mother’s lap,
And between both’s satisfaction there’s no gap.
Where two lovers meet silently by the side, the flowers and birds bloom aside.
When the tired child sleeps in peace
And every men is at ease.
When there’s no honking on the roads,
no screaming for the odds.
When people are not involved in any fight,
Everything feels so right.
When the vendor doesn’t have to shout,
And no human has to doubt.
This looks like a mirage, like a dream
But your souls will scream
When you know it’s nothing new
It’s the story of every night when the world is at rest and sleeps so tight.
But the night fades and the sun shades the world again
Starting a new game
The world is at rush, the world is at play
Wish there was a further delay
Not the rays of the shining sun, but the calmness of the bright moon give me hope
And shows a world that will cope.
Men has gone so wild and savage,
Only a night can calm the inner rage.


Amidst the complex chaos

If we could only not hide but say,
There would be a perfect match of what you want and what they give.
Not leave but stay,
Goodbyes wouldn’t be so hard.
Not only laugh but cry,
People would feel it’s okay to express themselves.
Not react but respond,
There would be lesser chaos
Not judge but understand,
There would be less people dying of depression and anxiety.
Not hear but listen,
There would be lesser broken relationships.
Not lie but trust
Happiness would prevail
The world would be a better, happier place with all the simple acts of kindness
No matter how dark a night is, the sun will always rise next morning. It is only hope that keeps us all going.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work towards steps to fulfill those hopes
All it takes is the simplification of ways by which we lead our lives

The loss

There is no greater loss than the loss of a human.
You love a person, or hate them. You are fond of them or irritated by them. All of it matters only till you are together. Once the person is gone, you miss even the stupidest things about them. And the tragedy is, they don’t seem stupid anymore. The worst thing you can do a to a person is taking them for granted. The worst mistake you can do in your life is not knowing someone’s worth. The love, hatred, joy, friendship, relationship or the bond. All of it exists only till the person does. The person’s talks turn into echoes that fill your ears, the blur sight you try to visualise turns into your tears, their habits turn into your memories, their things and belongings remind you of incidents with them and their laugh turns into something you will forever miss. It is strange how suddenly one day, the person is gone forever and all you had to tell them, all you had to do with them or all the time you had to spend with them becomes just a wish and how you feel you had done that earlier. All of it turns into regrets now
So let go off all the chaos and value each person from your heart.
Because no matter, what bad a person does, it is never enough to justify their lifetime absence.

PS: my grandparents will always hold the warmest corner of my heart.

The Tricolor’s bright dawn

God couldn’t be everywhere
So he sent someone on his behalf
Someone who chose to be on the border,and did not bother
Being on borders of the city
Considering it their duty
The city which defines beauty and proves our identity
The city they wanted to take away
For which they found new evil way
But we will guard, we will stay.
They ask why it belongs to us,
For when the city is in our hands,
The white color covering the land will always be snow
And never be the ashes of people burnt
They will never know
Its our temple, its our land
Our god would never ask for slaughtered animals
But will cut himself
For the sake of motherland
The city will be safe
Being converged in orange,white and green
The city will be ours as it has always been.

P.S “write hard and clean about what hurts

The unheard essentials -1

Hello readers, I am now starting with my volume of nanotales. The volume is titled as “The unheard essentials.” Your feedback for this new start is much awaited and appreciated.

Here is the first one from the collection:

They wanted their first child’s birth to be in a hospital near Taj as Taj was the place they first met. The first cry of their baby became the last followed by a gunshot sound. Unfortunately, the date was 26/11.



The Magical Misfit

I am a different person when I write. Writing for me doesn’t mean jotting down with my pen or merely typing. Writing for me is pouring my thoughts,expressing my feelings. It is like conveying it all to someone I fully trust (though there is no one I really do :P). So I put it all down, giving myself in…striving, crying, laughing and expressing it all. As a famous quote says “there is nothing to writing. you just sit at the typewriter and bleed.” Art never comes from happiness but for me, it surely brings me closer to happiness. When I am done writing, I feel as if I have told it all to someone I really love. I am ‘me’only when I write. May it be pain or in vain. I can’t be the same person all the time. Call me a split personality if you want to but it is actually not possible or even real. If i were to be the same person always, I would never have all the people talking to me. I would be considered as someone out of their senses. But I am a writer and therefore I am not sane. Writing does to me what no one else can. So I can never really be ‘that someone’with you.

feeling weird. Right?

That’s okay!

it’s good to give a thought sometimes 😛

The flashback of goodbyes

I always wonder how it is so easy for people to leave.
It is simple for them! They are done and so they leave
But what they don’t realise is what it takes for somebody to let them go
One of the worst things you can ever do to someone is awakening hopes in people’s heart without the intention of fulfilling it.
Leaving might sound easy for the one who is to go but the one who is left suffers.
They do never realise how the other person begged for them to stay, how they tried to hold on even when letting go would cause lesser pain, how they tried till the last bit, how they managed to accept that their dear ones have left and that things are never gonna be same again.
Yes it is true that people play a certain role in your story and everyone is not meant to stay but the biggest coward is the one who promises to stay with the evil thought of fleeing away. When you lead people to expect from you, make sure you are there to live up to that
You can never know how you can affect the other. They might never be able to trust someone else again, they might cry themselves to sleep, they may spend their days absent mindedly, they might recall and associate you with every possible thing, they will still want to think of you. And you might not even know but awaken the deepest fears or live deep imprints on people’s lives
Next time, before giving your word,don’t forget to assure yourself.