The Magical Misfit

I am a different person when I write. Writing for me doesn’t mean jotting down with my pen or merely typing. Writing for me is pouring my thoughts,expressing my feelings. It is like conveying it all to someone I fully trust (though there is no one I really do :P). So I put it all down, giving myself in…striving, crying, laughing and expressing it all. As a famous quote says “there is nothing to writing. you just sit at the typewriter and bleed.” Art never comes from happiness but for me, it surely brings me closer to happiness. When I am done writing, I feel as if I have told it all to someone I really love. I am ‘me’only when I write. May it be pain or in vain. I can’t be the same person all the time. Call me a split personality if you want to but it is actually not possible or even real. If i were to be the same person always, I would never have all the people talking to me. I would be considered as someone out of their senses. But I am a writer and therefore I am not sane. Writing does to me what no one else can. So I can never really be ‘that someone’with you.

feeling weird. Right?

That’s okay!

it’s good to give a thought sometimes 😛


The flashback of goodbyes

I always wonder how it is so easy for people to leave.
It is simple for them! They are done and so they leave
But what they don’t realise is what it takes for somebody to let them go
One of the worst things you can ever do to someone is awakening hopes in people’s heart without the intention of fulfilling it.
Leaving might sound easy for the one who is to go but the one who is left suffers.
They do never realise how the other person begged for them to stay, how they tried to hold on even when letting go would cause lesser pain, how they tried till the last bit, how they managed to accept that their dear ones have left and that things are never gonna be same again.
Yes it is true that people play a certain role in your story and everyone is not meant to stay but the biggest coward is the one who promises to stay with the evil thought of fleeing away. When you lead people to expect from you, make sure you are there to live up to that
You can never know how you can affect the other. They might never be able to trust someone else again, they might cry themselves to sleep, they may spend their days absent mindedly, they might recall and associate you with every possible thing, they will still want to think of you. And you might not even know but awaken the deepest fears or live deep imprints on people’s lives
Next time, before giving your word,don’t forget to assure yourself.


“My life is not perfect,

I am not happy,

My life sucks”

Ever heard all of these?

Yes! You certainly have… whining, complaining, not being satisfied now a part of every individual’s life

But why?

You think your life is not good?

Ask the unfortunate ones

You think you aren’t a genius?

Well, you are literate enough to read this.

You think you don’t own much?

Then all you own accounts to everything the 80% population dreams of!

You think you are fat?

Well you always wanted more of everything.

You think you are too skinny?

Look at the malnourished ones.

You think you lack love?

Have a look at your parents.

Hurt from broken friendships?

Recall the lessons learnt.

Thinking about freedom?

You are not kept in a cage!

Dreaming of big villas?

You don’t live in the transit tents and build your own homes.

You think you are dark and black?

Ummm, won’t you mostly prefer chocolate over vanilla?

Don’t have the branded shoes?

Think of those who dream of legs.

You think life is uncertain?

Would you be happy waking up each day and counting the days to your death?

Everything has its own way and there’s a reason to everything. You might keep complaining everyday but god made you who you are for a reason. All of it is just a matter of satisfaction.

You don’t agree?

Then define ‘perfect’

Your definition of perfect is someone’s ordinary

Their definition of perfect is someone else’s

And wait! Someone else’s definition of perfect is what you curse right now

Everything that you have!

‘Perfect is just an illusion. Just like everyone believes and talks about god but have not seen him and are not sure about his existence, the same is about perfection. It is all a matter of your own creation. Perfect doesn’t really exist. It will never be attainable without satisfaction.

We crave for attention, keep complaining about people. But spare a second. Do you value yourself? Do you know your worth? Do you praise your existence?

Why expect it from others?

You can always work upon bettering yourself and achieving more but the key to it is accepting what you are, the way your life is, being happy with your blessed privileges and working for what you want.


Down the memory lane

Good morning
School calling
Assembly lines
All those smiles
Prayer chimes
And those times
Back to class
I wish alas!
Recess bell
Now all is well!😃
Study again
Wish for some rain
Have a look
Exchange a book
All the pranks
And the ranks
Games proxy…
Now the world seems filled with glory
Oh the school socks
And the tick tock on the clocks
Tution time
The great daily regime
Time to go
Time to leave
Maybe it’s just a dream
I may come again tomorrow
And live like all those years
With my friends and happy cheers
No! The fairytale ends here
But it will all remain always dear

The confronting and comforting ghost!

You know that ghost? That most dangerous one?

Yes,yes! You surely do. It keeps haunting me, it keeps haunting you. It keeps haunting all of us. It keeps following us. The one that is within each one of us. But we’ve all got a different way to deal with it. Some of us let it rule over us and keep crying about it. Some of us try to ignore it.

But beware!!

The ghost can’t bear ignorance. Just when you are trying to let go of it, there it is standing tall, covering all over you, laughing and yelling. “Remember me? I was there when you were happy, I was there when you were sad, I was there when you cried till death and was there when you laughed aloud. I gave you the happiest days of your life and I was the one who made it with you through those depressing times. I was with you everyday. May it be work or play. I am the one within you, i can help you survive and i can make you restless. It all depends on how you take me. And I’m none other than your “MEMORY!”

Yes, memories are those ghosts that keep haunting us. But we can befriend them. They are a part of your life and life is meant to go on. So it is better if we let life walk along understanding the language of the world and remembering the good times and learning from the bad ones.

Learn to deal with it or the ghost may eat you up!

Art and Technology: Ek mulaqat aisi bhi

 This is an article based on a discussion at a university.

the discussion was on the topic “comparison and contradiction of art and technology”


Two childhood friends with very different interests who have now grown up to be an artist and the other an engineer. A meet after a long time follows:


Hussain: You were right my friend. I was born to be an Artist. As life goes on, it is only art that helps me in moving along with it.

Henry: Yes Hussain I knew you were an Artist at heart from the time when you gave innovative designs to the simple buildings I used to create from my blocks.

Hussain: You too could be a well-known Artist like me but your interest in technology took you to the other way around to be an Engineer.

Henry: Don’t you think it is technology that helped me in enhancing my art? Without technology, I would still be there building merely with those blocks or cards. I was good with the stepping stones but never with designing. Had there not been those designing softwares like CAD , it would never been possible for me to be such a good Architectural Engineer. Technology holds the major credibility in my success.

Hussain: i do not agree with you as I think art should hold the major importance because had it not been your art of imagining or creating structures, no software would be of any help.

Henry: I agree. But art alone would not be enough. It is the support of technology that made it easier.

Hussain: Acha ji!!? So are you trying to say that technology enhances art?

Henry: Yes. It exactly does! And in my opinion, it also helps in sustaining art. Why not consider your own example! When you were just a begginer you first started with selling them online. Right? So, technology helped you by making people aware about your art.

Hussain: So you are trying to explain to me that art and technology go hand-in-hand… Right? Toh phir aap humare apne taj mahal ko hi dekh lijye. ‘Kala ka ek badiya sa namuna’But even with such great technology we are not able to recreate it.

Henry: You might be aware about the damage to Taj Mahal by the acid rains. Right? And technology is helping in protecting Taj Mahal from that damage. So technology helps in sustaining art.

Hussain: Of course it does. But it will never be able to replace art. Mera man na yeh hi ke technology khud ek kalak haii. Dekh lo- technology is basically the art of applying your scientific knowledge for practical purposes and art enables them in creating new things and those things turn out to be a part of technology.

Henry: You finally convinced me with your art of expressing yourself!

Life moves on

We are all busy with our lives settled in one place ,with certain people,with a regular routine set up and are happy with that.
But suddenly one day comes like a dark cloud and blows our life in a totally different direction,holds our hand and starts running
And there we are, left with no other option than to snatch its hand and move along with it. Leaving this place, these people and capturing all the memories.
Yes, it may seem unusual and strange but maybe that’s what they call LIFE!