It’s Her Birthday Today!

Dear Grandma,

My life is going good. Though, I feel it could be nicer with you by my side.

In those 20 years that I lived with you, I never realised how it feels when you lose a love. I often remember the times when I came running to you for whatever I wanted. I loved how you were always a saviour when I tried to escape from Mom and Dad.

You made my evenings perfect with all the stories you narrated and read out to me.
 Little did I know, those were your ways to imbibe important life lessons into me. You were like a best friend : Someone who got on my nerves at times but yet the one I couldn’t stay away from.

There was this one thing about you that always interested me.

When the rest of us were upstairs and you wanted to go out, you’d always shout at the top of your voice and let us know about your outing.

I will always wonder why you let go off that habit. And if I could meet you again, I’d never forgive you for this.

Why did you decide to leave without telling us.

I came home one day and saw you had left. I felt it was an illusion and so I tried talking to you while you lied there on the bare floor. The crying faces of people who had gathered around you tried to stop me but I wasn’t ready to believe that you had gone without letting me know.

Today as I grabbed a can of coke that read ‘Share a coke with Grandma’,

I realised how much I’d like doing that. And I promise I would let you have the whole can to stop you from going again only if you were here one more time


Together We Make It

Time does not always treat you the same way. Good times do not often seem to last long and bad times feel everlasting.

A bad day at school or work, An argument with family, A fight with a friend, Bad food, A failure or a breakup.

Each of these feel exhausting and make us want to cry out loud. But sobbing about things doesn’t always help.

What do you do then? How do you overcome problems you can do nothing about? How do you feel okay?

Well, Here’s a tip that won’t ever go wrong:

Find people or a person- Yes! We often underestimate the power of a conversation. People together can create wonders and talking really helps. We just need to get it out. Be frank and open on how you feel.

I have been through dull times but have tried and observed how conversations help out. It may be possible that you find it odd to communicate but the person at the other end is just waiting for you to reach out to them.

When you are lucky enough to have people around you, don’t wait and overthink. Just rush to them and talk it out. The power of words- the magic of a conversation is just Magnificent.

We wouldn’t have airplanes if the Wright brothers didn’t have a conversation about it.

The magic of Disney wouldn’t exist if Roy and Walt Disney would not have spoke their ideas out.

There would be no Marvel vs DC if Ron Marz and Peter David kept these thoughts to themselves.

Simran would have left if Raj wouldn’t have asked her to turn around.

We wouldn’t have witnessed the epitome of Love if Romeo hadn’t crashed the party and approached Juliet.

Worldcup 2011 would not have been our victory if the 11 players wouldn’t have discussed.

Harry Potter wouldn’t exist to delight us if J.K Rowling wouldn’t go around telling her stories to more than 12 publishers.

We would be unaware of the issues if Arnab didn’t preach by telling us that “India Wants To Know”.

Indeed, Everyone wants to know. Everyone has to know. Everyone should now.

Go on and talk your heart out. I am pretty sure you will find some healing out there.




3F42CDAC-046E-4C7A-91FD-58084723C6ACThere needs to be a time,

When you are more mine

Where i can hold on to it all

Where we don’t have to face this fall

It amazes me how all of it passed

All it took was a breath and a gasp

The laughs I’ve shared here were the loudest

The fears I overcame here were the scariest

The tears I’ve shed here were the thickest

The lessons I’ve learned here will be the biggest

When it all sums up and gives me a lifetime joy

My heart screams ahoy!

No one will say none will scream out loud 

But deep down we all know

The heart got lucky enough to stay

Doesn’t have boundaries that compel it to walk away

It stays were it belongs

A part of it will always long

Long for a little more time a little more mine

Maybe a little lifetime.